Inspiring gospel music minister, Solomon Johnson offers a brand new song titled “Answer Me Speedily” featuring Lively Stones Choir.


The song echoes the cry of someone who is overwhelmed with life’s situation, and trusting God for a quick response to their prayer.


Minister Solomon states, “It is a sure thing that the word of God always comes to pass! The question often asked is, “WHEN?” We are not alone in this “waiting room.” The Bible has more than enough examples of people who patiently endured until the manifestation of God’s promise(s) in their lives. Hebrews 6:15.”


“The song is drawn from Psalm 102:2, where the writer of the passage expressed their emotion as they petitioned God over an overwhelming situation. We too, can express our feelings to God, our heavenly Father, and to call for help in our weakness, and at any point in our journey through the period of waiting.” – He adds


“In honour of my little niece, Carina Oghenetejiri Ojaruwedia, I am dedicating this song to those who have once waited or are yet waiting for the fulfilment of God’s promise(s) in their life, business, or ministry. It is his prayer that their joy be full.” – Solomon Johnson concludes.